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Principal's Corner

Howie Greenfield

I am thrilled to join the Eisenhower family as your new principal, bringing with me a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to whole child education.

Together, we will create a nurturing and enriching educational environment.

With over 12 years as a principal, I have seen firsthand the transformative power of holistic education. Beyond academic achievements, I believe in fostering the social, emotional, and physical development of each student. By building an inclusive and supportive community, we will empower our students to thrive academically and become compassionate global citizens

As an avid traveler, I value diverse cultures and perspectives. Exploring new destinations and embracing the richness of our world offers valuable insights for our students' educational journey. I believe in broadening horizons through these experiences.

Physical well-being is also essential, and I encourage students to embrace physical activities and healthy habits. Whether through sports, outdoor adventures, or movement throughout the day, we will instill vitality and well-being within our school community.

As a proud parent of two boys, I understand the hopes and concerns families have when entrusting their children's education. I am committed to creating an environment where every student feels valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.

I am genuinely excited to embark on this new chapter at Eisenhower. Building strong relationships with students, parents, and staff is paramount to me. Together, we will foster academic excellence, personal growth, and a love for learning.

Please reach out to me with your thoughts or concerns. My door is always open as we collaborate to ensure an exceptional educational experience for our students.

Thank you,

Howard Greenfield
Eisenhower Elementary School
(408) 248-4313